To acquire meaningful images choosing the right tools is crucial.

Advantages of MicroTechniX solution: image quality, reproducibility (variation <5%), time-saving (20sec vs 20 minutes), objective, allowing archival of results, traceability.

Your project life cycle starts where you least expect it: in the meeting room.

MicroTechniX translates your scientific challenge to the essence.
We create an imaging platform that is adaptable to a vast variety of tests:

  • easy to use
  • easy to validate
  • easy to maintain

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Scanlab II

Scanlab II

ScanLab can save time, using automation and robotics to transfer samples. It provides fast and objective measurements, more accurate, more reliable and qualitative results. It immediately allows archival of results. 

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Macrolab II

Macrolab II

Macrolab captures a complete plate in one go, processes the image and measures the diameter of the circles.
This process is time-saving, objective, qualitative, allows immediate archival of results and is more accurate and reliable compared with manual counting. The software will use algorithms to distinguish colonies and provide accurate counting.

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How we automate imaging for a vast variety of tests

You can’t get more hours in a day.
But you can get more tests out of an hour. 

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We work for clients across all areas of business. Their goals are our goals.

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Service is an integral part of every solution

We created remote support to help users with a functioning system.


Every problem has a solution. Our labs and applications can perform a wide scope of tests and essays in any area of business.

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