Project cycle

Life Cycle Management

The life cycle management on the licensed system includes the following steps:

  • Minor changes of the licensed system.
  • Management of inventory and lifecycle tracking of the managed workstation.
  • Perform updates of the installed operating system.
  • Decommissioned systems during the contract period will be taken out of the contract.
  • Maintenance contract periods are for an average instrument life cycle of 6 years*
  • This service will be yearly invoiced and every started year is paid and non-refundable.

*The first period = 3 years, Second period = 2 years, All next periods = 1 year and yearly renewable.

MicroTechniX monitors each system to achieve a flawless operation.

Where applicable patches are developed and applied 2 times a year. They are first tested offline to determine the risks of implementation. Windows patches requested by customer will be tested and executed after successful test and will then be presented for review approval.

The number of patches is determined by the customer.

For workstations that are difficult to patch (high risk) or which have specific hardware requirements, a cold standby solution can be maintained. This cold standby solution consists of a set of identical computers. (Main computer and standby computer). Patches are tested first on the standby computer and when the testing passes QA and IT approval, they can be applied on the main computer.

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