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We automate imaging and analysis to any specific requirement, To the highest standards. That is our standard.

  • easy to use
  • easy to validate
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Scanlab II

Scanlab II

FIELD: immunoassays

MicroTechniX solutions Macrolab Application
Seroneutralisation Seroneutralisation application
ELISpot ELISpot application
Hemagglutination inhibition HAI application

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Macrolab II

Macrolab II

FIELD: immunoassays

MicroTechniX solutions Macrolab Application
Single radial diffusion SRD application
Colony counting Counting application

FIELD: industrial

MicroTechniX solutions Macrolab Application
Macro analysis Macro analysis application

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Managing the system includes

  • Testing of new configuration on one of the customers systems
  • Deployment and Installation on each system
  • Validation process execution - non-regression testing + related document
  • Support of the customer IT department in passing security audits
  • Problem solving through remote support and onsite interventions


Every problem has a solution. Our labs and applications can perform a wide scope of tests and essays in any area of business.

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A Service Level Agreement for the Life Cycle Management of instruments ensures continuity of our systems.

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