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A system is only as reliable as the service it comes with.

Project management

For each client we set up a secured CUSTOMER PORTAL. This individual platform creates a direct link to the MicroTechniX support team. On the Customer Portal you can follow up on your project.
All services are described to your requirements in a Service Agreement.

Projects are managed in terms of budget and timelines via internal software, to:

  • Manage relations
  • Manage opportunities
  • Manage projects & internal capacity
  • Manage order process
  • Manage accountancy/process/system connected with Ernst & young


The software is linked to the client’s on-line logbook, which allows us to track and plan your project.
Interventions on-line or on site are offered.

  • Overview of your system (including location overview of your different systems) + all related documentation (validation docs, user guides, reports of technical intervention on site, ...)
  • User manuals
  • improvement/wish list
  • Posting of service requests (new requests will be addressed within 24h)
  • Allows to manage technical history per instrument
  • TechSupport database

Tracking of Key Performance Indicators such as:

  • mean time between failure
  • days between repairs/ maintenance
  • estimated time until actual repair

Life cycle management

The life cycle management on the licensed system includes the following steps:

  • Minor changes of the licensed system.
  • Management of inventory and lifecycle tracking of the managed workstation.
  • Perform updates of the installed operating system.
  • Decommissioned systems during the contract period will be taken out of the contract.
  • Maintenance contract periods are for an average instrument life cycle of 6 years:
  • The first period = 3 years
  • Second period = 2 years
  • All next periods = 1 year and yearly renewable.
  • This service will be yearly invoiced and every started year is paid and non-refundable.

Customer portal in detail


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