28 November 2017

ELRIGfr Event

ELRIGfr Event
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What do the AS Monaco soccer team and a lab automation congress have in common? The ELRIGfr event of course and the venue. And what is ELRIGfr then, you may ask?

Simply put, it is a non-profit organization for French speaking countries which focuses on (lab) automation and robotic instruments. One of their goals is to organize events around automation and bring different parties together. Their last congress was on 27 and 28 November 2017 in Monaco. It revolved around three topics: preventive medicine, data management and lab automation. Each session was followed by related presentations, a panel discussion and an audience Q&A.

During the previous event in Paris, MicroTechniX accepted a challenge. When discussing the possibilities of Virtual Reality the audience realized it wasn't very popular in the engineering world. So far only non-interactive models existed. MicroTechniX decided to test this with the ScanLab II and we presented our findings during the event. With success. The attendees were very enthusiastic about the possibilities of VR. Their next move is to find out how the technology could be used in their field of work.

And we ended up with a new challenge. We'll examine how suppliers can include VR in their quotes and how they can work together. Next year, we'll meet up in Strasbourg to present our results.

By the way, AS Monaco lost from PSG with 1-2 so we were told… We hope Strasbourg will do better!

If you want to know more about VR you can read this blogpost.


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