13 March 2019

inSPIRE Vanquish

End-to-end workflow solutions for your most challenging analyses.

inSPIRE Vanquish

inSPIRE for Biopharma enables true sample to answer workflows for biotherapeutic analysis, plus the throughput gains from the most productive UPLC systems available. Coupled with Thermo Scientific’s industry leading UHPLC columns, sample prep kits, and reagents for the total solution you need.

inSPIRE Vanquish 

The Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™ system for Biopharma Analysis is capable of carrying out sample prep for even high complexity analyses such as peptide mapping by UHPLC or UHPLC-MS/MS, or released glycan analysis, in addition to supporting more routine assays such as intact protein mass analysis.

The system is based on the new inSPIRE platform, the path breaking, user-friendly automation integration platform, and incorporates with one or more Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC systems for analysis. The Vanquish Duo UHPLC systems allows the user to leverage all the benefits of the Vanquish platform in performance, robustness and ease-of-use with increased productivity, up-time, sample knowledge and faster  return on investment.


Every action in your lab should lead to efficiency and quality. That means automating processes as much as possible. To determine what steps can be repeated we break down how essays work. Based on those elements we design specific software and hardware. That way we know everything is aligned.


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