20 November 2017

MicroTechniX celebrates with open house

MicroTechniX celebrates with open house

January 2018 is a milestone for the MicroTechniX team. We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. That didn't stop us from throwing an early party now for our colleagues and family. With a delicious buffet and interactive tours our visitors got a full MicroTechniX experience.

Because technology is such an important component of MicroTechniX we wanted everyone to get acquainted with our way of working. Our guests learned more about tools such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Even a demo of  the ScanLab II device was in order.

This celebration was also an opportunity to look back at our accomplishments and to turn to the future. MicroTechniX will have an exciting year ahead with promising possibilities. At the 2018 anniversary we will be able to reflect on yet another year of exponential growth and new challenges.


Every action in your lab should lead to efficiency and quality. That means automating processes as much as possible. To determine what steps can be repeated we break down how essays work. Based on those elements we design specific software and hardware. That way we know everything is aligned.


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