10 December 2017

ScanLab II BP

ScanLab II BP
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In 2015 MicroTechniX got an interesting customer request. One of our clients wanted a machine that could read both Petri dishes and microtiter plates. Only, such a device didn't exist yet. And with reason.

Both types of plates are used as standards in laboratory environments. However, a petri dish is round and a microtiter plate is rectangular. This means that robots at that time couldn't handle both. An interesting challenge, so we accepted it.

ScanLab II BP has several models with customizable features, but basically they work the same way. The machine detects the type and number of plates, takes high definition pictures and puts the dishes away. Every picture is stored and linked to a well or dish. Great achievement, but why is it important that a machine takes over these tasks? Because of automation.

Performing laboratory tests means repetition. That way you can guarantee consistent results. If a lab technician does the work, it is time-consuming and increases human errors. Automating the process changes all that. While the ScanLab II BP is processing hundreds of plates a researcher can focus on other tasks. Users easily get an update on the status with just a few taps on the touchscreen. Saving time and highly-trained resources is a big win for everyone.

If you're curious about the ScanLab II BP you can watch a video here and see it in action.


Every action in your lab should lead to efficiency and quality. That means automating processes as much as possible. To determine what steps can be repeated we break down how essays work. Based on those elements we design specific software and hardware. That way we know everything is aligned.


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