04 December 2017

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

If Virtual Reality (VR) doesn’t ring a bell, you have missed out on a great technological innovation these last couple of years. In that case, here is a quick explanation.

A new world

VR allows you to enter a different world. Digitally that is. With special goggles and controllers it feels as if you're walking around in a different environment. How it works is quite simple. You need two sensors that pick up where you are, equipment to signal what you're doing and a fast computer to run the program. You might also need enough room so you don't bump into anything.

More than games

Virtual Reality is often used for games but there is more to it. At MicroTechniX we have experimented with different possibilities. So far we could only create objects but had no way to interact with them. We wanted to take it a step further.

So we built a digital ScanLab II machine. Not just a model, but one that opens and runs. You can enter stacks of well plates and walk around it. This gives you an idea of the  dimensions and how it works. The advantage is that you can test out a machine even if you're somewhere else. At a client's premises, for example. Or you can use it for training. Both lab technicians and our own service engineers can learn to work with a machine from a distance. 

Virtual prototypes

Physically building a new model is no longer necessary, because you can design a virtual one. If anything needs to be added, you can simply change the VR model. You save time and resources on real-life prototypes. Even though we are just getting started with Virtual Reality the future possibilities seem endless.

If you want to learn more about the other technologies we use, you can read our post on Augmented Reality.


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