Colony counting

Bacteria grow in colonies. Colony counts are used to detect and count microbes in soil, water and food. Typically, a single bacterium growing on a culture medium, will replicate and form a colony overnight. Colonies can be counted to estimate the number of bacteria in the original sample. Counting colonies manually is time consuming and human error is comprehensible.

MicroTechniX helps you automatically count colonies using our Scanlab II, when you really have big volumes to absorb. When the volume is not that big, but you want your process to be more accurate you may also consider our MacroLab II or our MacroScan.

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Every action in your lab should lead to efficiency and quality. That means automating processes as much as possible. To determine what steps can be repeated we break down how essays work. Based on those elements we design specific software and hardware. That way we know everything is aligned.

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