Who we are

Reliable partner by sustainable growth

Automation is our business

We automate laboratories in any business.

MicroTechniX is a company specialized in the automation of laboratory processes. We focus on lab management and automation. Develop products and software for the laboratory environment. Offer advice and consultancy to our clients.

At MicroTechniX we take care of the entire process from research and development to after sales, such as maintenance and repairs.

MicrotechniX core activities include building image acquisition and analysis platforms compliant with regulatory requirements, small and big lab automation platforms such as ELIZA, developing software to manage devices and connecting instruments to a management platform icarus for daily monitoring and reporting.

"Our job is to make yours easier. Automating repetitive processes is equal to having time for other important tasks."

Wouter Christiaens

General Manager and founder

“A no is not an answer”

Wouter has degrees in naval engineering, software engineering, system analysis and sales management.

Previous experience: over 20 years of experience in support, sales and development at Carl Zeiss Micro Imaging Belgium.

Who we are

Reliable partner by sustainable growth …


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