From assay to solution

We need to understand exactly how assays work. That's the only way we can automate parts of the procedure. We start from an assay to create solutions; not the other way around. Every assay follows a process. Read here about some of the most popular assays we have applied.

From assay to solution

Dengue Assay

Dengue can be diagnosed by isolation of the virus, by serological tests, or by molecular methods. Diagnosis of acute (on …


Single radial diffusion or (SRD) is an immuno-diffusion technique used in immunology to determine the quantity of an ant …

Colony counting

Bacteria grow in colonies. Colony counts are used to detect and count microbes in soil, water and food. Typically, a sin …


The Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISpot) assay is a widely-used method for monitoring cellular immune responses. …

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Every action in your lab should lead to efficiency and quality. That means automating processes as much as possible. To determine what steps can be repeated we break down how essays work. Based on those elements we design specific software and hardware. That way we know everything is aligned.

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