The product of your work is the image


The MacroScan is a benchtop image acquisition platform that renders perfect images for almost any cell-based assay. It is designed to meet the highest quality requirements. This system will save you valuable time, using automation and robotics to transfer samples. It provides fast and objective measurements with more accurate, more reliable and qualitative results.

The MacroScan is the result of many years of interaction with our customers. By involving our customers in the development process we create solutions that are alligned with our customers laboratory process.

"A key requirement is not to lose sight of the final product which is the image".

A zoom-microscope to acquire high resolution - well by well - images of microtiter plates such as 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 without changing any hardware.

A telecentric lens to acquire high resolution images from petri dishes up to 90 mm and rectangular sample holders of max. size X:120 mm by Y:100 mm.

All the hardware components are fixed or motorized so that the assay is always performed within the same conditions.

Technical information:
- Sample Capacity : 1 to 40 sample(s)
- Templates: 1 image per sample or well by well acquitision of 6, 12, 24, 48 ,96 well plates
- Camera : 3 or 5 Mpixel
- Footprint : W 45 cm; D 45 cm; H 80 cm Stand allone model, W 100 cm; D 50 cm; H 100 cm

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