Microplate Mover

Used introductions

This Orbitor™ RS Microplate Mover is an automation robot designed for use with a variety of lab equipment, enabling increased sample throughput.


Extensive vertical reach allows the robot to access virtually any microplate instrument location including stacked instruments, and its telescoping arm can reach a variety of distances. The ingenious arm travels right through the base, resulting in the most rapid and efficient movements. The Orbitor RS Microplate Mover has a full 360°workspace with unlimited base rotation; this eliminates the need for hard stops and reverse movements.

Advanced closed-loop motion control provides collision detection and position monitoring, allowing the robot to quickly resume without the need to re-home. With a wide range of grip-control functionality, this robot combines performance with innovation. From variable force control to plate detection, the feature-set is designed to impress. The result is remarkable speed, precise motion, and consistent, accurate plate placement.

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