31 March 2022

Microtechnix and Our Team in Ukraine – An Important Statement

Since September 2019, Microtechnix has been deploying a workforce to Ukraine. We are delighted that
is has grown over the years, mainly Customer Service agents and Programmers.
The March 2022 Russian invasion has shocked every Microtechnix member of staff, with growing concern over its catastrophic repercussions. Microtechnix Management has and is still maintaining an open communication with every remote staff member and is relieved to announce that they are all safe and sound. As is to be expected, several staff members have moved out of the most problematic areas, either to more remote countryside areas in the West of Ukraine or moving country entirely – to the Czech Republic and Germany.

An Inspiring, Motivated Team
To ensure that we continue to offer our exemplary service, we’ve swiftly responded and deployed help-desk service alternatives to maintain our efforts. As of now (June 2022), the majority of the Microtechnix team has managed to move out of the dangerous zones of Ukraine, and despite the complicated situation, the team is still working to almost capacity, with close to a full-time workload. We are incredibly impressed by our staff’s willingness and determination. It’s truly inspiring!

Thanks to Our Customers
Microtechnix Management is deeply touched by the moving and thoughtful messages addressed by our customers who – over the years – have developed informal and friendly relationships with our remote team-members. We would like to thank our clients, for their patience, understanding and solidarity shown to our team in Ukraine. These messages are genuine rays of sunshine at the time they’ve been needed most.
Updates on the situation will continue to be sent to our customers. We will make sure to
post further information on the news section of our website, so please check-in whenever
you can.

Wouter Christiaens, General Manager
Pascal Silversmet, Chief Business Development Officer
Laurent Bessemans, Chief Operating Officer