EMMA. Shaping the future of microbial quality control

Our solutions shift standards for microbial quality control monitoring. EMMA is the only solution to image 100% of a Petri dish with the lid on. By implementing advanced vision AI, we excel at automated Petri dish analysis.

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Intuitive software ensuring full data integrity

Thanks to a powerful 21CFR part 11 compliant software platform for automation and analysis we ensure the highest level of data integrity and quality.

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Microtechnix provides solutions to automate the microbial quality control in your GxP facility.

EMMA is revolutionizing the world of microbial
quality control thanks to its modular benchtop footprint powered by vision AI

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Shaping the future of automated microbial quality control

Microtechnix delivers cutting-edge automation solutions for automating your microbiology applications. Combining advanced image-acquisition technology with user-friendly software, our products ensure precision, reproducibility, reliability, and regulatory compliance, equipping you for today's and tomorrow's demands by staying ahead of the regulatory curve.

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Microtechnix provides innovative hardware and software solutions designed to digitize and automate microbiology applications. Our offerings are grounded in ALCOA+ principles and adhere to 21CFR Part 11 regulations, ensuring compliance and reliability.

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Calculating ROI of an Automated Microbial QC Solution

22 May 2024

Discover how investing in an automated microbial environmental monitoring solution like EMMA from Microtechnix can lead to significant returns for your business. Understanding the ROI Calculation for EMMA Implementing an automated microbial environmental monitoring solution like EMMA from Microtechnix can provide numerous benefits for your business. However, it is essential to understand the return on investment (ROI) calculation to determine […]

PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference – Washington | 7-9 October 2024

14 May 2024

Microtechnix will be exhibiting at the PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference in Washington. We are looking forward to introducing EMMA, our high-tech imaging platform to digitize and automate microbial QC to the North American market at this conference.

Vacancy: Operations Manager

06 June 2024

At Microtechnix, we are shaping the future of automated imaging in cell-based and microbiology applications. By focusing on high-end optical systems, automation and the implementation of the latest vision AI innovations, we contribute to improving the reproducibility & consistency of scientific research and industrial quality control processes. We have a global footprint and are continuously developing new tools and technology […]

Transforming microbial quality control

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