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MacroScan II RL – Axiozoom | Automate your cell-based assays

The MacroScan II RL (Robotic Loading) gives you all the benefits of the MacroScan II with one important addition: the robotic loader allows you to queue up to eighty different samples for analysis.

How long does it take you to swap plates? And how much time do you spend creating an image of a new plate? Do you have other important tasks to do? It’s time you were free to do them. The MacroScan II RL incorporates all the benefits of the MacroScan II. However, it also has robotic loading of up to eighty plates to ensure your hands and your agenda are free.

The MacroScan II RL works with plates with 6, 12, 24, 48 or 96 wells.

It will automatically load and photograph each plate in order. It will then use the Teach & Read software to analyse the resultant image and perform culture counts. And these results? They’re incorporated into whatever file or report type you request.

You may also be interested in the ScanLab II+ CC. It offers all the benefits of the MacroScan II RL but also incorporates a climate-controlled incubation system. Find out more about it …


The optics

The most accurate results come from the most accurate images. Every product in the MacroScan II series uses a ZEISS stereomicroscopy camera that is completely digitally controlled. It takes high-definition images of your assays, perfect for raising the accuracy of your counts and ensuring every detail in every well is identifiable.

Automated microscopy

Light. Exposure time. Image resolution and image size, compactness, bulkiness and hundreds of other variables influence the image you create. That’s why the MacroScan II series records all the parameters under which an image was taken. The parameters in the digital file tell your MacroScan II system exactly how to recreate the same conditions, eliminating variables. Every aspect of the MacroScan II camera is either fixed or mechanically controlled, so you benefit from pinpoint accuracy in all your assays.

RGB calibration

The MacroScan II series also uses mean red, blue and green density values to ensure perfect calibration. These parameters add to the accuracy of your images. Whether they’re preset or customised, they are stored in a file that you—or colleagues anywhere in the world—can call up when it’s time to validate your images or run further assays.


These calibration parameters are not just valid for your system, nor are they just for the MacroScan II series. They will work with any MicroTechniX hardware, anywhere in the world. We offer you consistency across multiple systems. Assay validation has never been so easy.

Grab picture & analyze

The MacroLab II uses Teach & Read Microtechnix application to acquire high grade quality images and apply the set of parameters specific to your positive samples.

How does it work? With amazing simplicity. You just need to click on region of interest. One click qualifies them as positive. As you click on each positive agent, the software updates up to 40 different parameters, ranging from size to contrast levels and of course, the contours of an agent. It then identifies automatically other agents in the image that fit these criteria, keeping count so you don’t have to.


Teach & Read for ultimate validation

Saving these parameters means you’re able to retrieve the file at a later date. This allows you to run the same assay, with the exact same parameters, on other images. And not just in your lab. The saved file is easily sent to any lab, anywhere in the world. A great way to ensure consistency. And the fastest, easiest and most accurate assay validation you’ve ever seen.

Types of lab assays

The MacroScan II series is designed to perform all common cell-based assays, all functional assays and all lab assays. Run your analyses on the basis of colourimetry, luminescence or fluorescence in no time.

  • PRNT and MicroPRNT assays
  • Seroneutralisation assays
  • Titration assays
  • Opsonophagocytic assays
  • Serum bactericidal assays


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Product combinations

    ELISPOT assays Reading



    Fluorescence cell based assays Reading



    Seroneutralisation cell based assays Reading



    PRNT and microPRNT Reading



    Opsonophagocytic and Serum Bactericidal assays Reading




MacroScan II RL

MacroScan internal mechanics







MacroScan II Robotic Loading Brochure


type application

size 3 MB


Sample capacity

1 to 80 samples. (This can be increased with extra sample stackers.)

  • 1 image per sample
  • Well-by-well acquisition of 6-, 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-well plates.

3 or 5 Megapixel Zeiss Axiocam® camera (model 503 or 506)

Measurements (W x D x H)

526 x 498 x 810 mm + Orbitor RS2


Carl Zeiss Zoom microscope AxioZoom®.V16

Robotic Loader

ThermoFisher Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover

Gross weight (without options)

50 kg (+Orbitor RS2 : 25Kg)

Type of plates accepted

SBS plate format


19” inch touch screen (IP65)

Data export

.csv, .xls, .pdf, .mp4 video, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tiff and Zeiss ZVI

Optional equipment to increase capacity

External robot stackers

Accessories available

Barcode readers, incubators, stackers, robot integration.

Operating system

Windows 10


Icarus, ACDE 2.0, Teach & Read


1 year warranty

Voltage and frequency



21 CFR Part 11; “ALCOA+” principle for Data Integrity


MacroScan II – AxioZoom

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