SRD assays Reading

Microtechnix provide an automated image capture and analysis systems dedicated for Single Radial Diffusion ring diameter measurement to quantify antigen. 

Single Radial Diffusion (SRD) assays automatic reading

Microtechnix product range is able to read all common SRD support (SRD on glass plate or film, round or rectangle shape) using a specific “plate holder” easily interchangeable. 

MTX SRD application is able to measure ring surface or vertical and horizontal diameter.

SRD is used for Influenza (FLU) antigen quantification.

Multi-Application solutions

Solution for lab assays reading

The MacroLab II is unique. After all, it is customers like you who are in the lab performing assays. And this means no one has better insight into what lab equipment should deliver. We made sure the MacroLab II incorporates everything on your wish list. First and foremost? Accurate images.

Macrolab II is perfect to read lab assays such as :

  • Single Radial Diffusion (SRD on glass plate or film)
  • Hemagglutination inhibition assay (HAI)
  • Petridishes bacterial colony counting (55mm, 90mm)
  • Reed & Munch reacding for PRNT on 96w


The quality of images produced by our products ensures greater accuracy and efficiency in your assays counting.

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    MacroLab II – Telecentric

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ELISPOT assays Reading


Fluorescence cell based assays Reading


Opsonophagocytic and Serum Bactericidal assays Reading


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