Artificial intelligence

AI for your lab assays? It’s a great way to raise efficiency and efficacy. The future is already here. Be part of it today.

The MacroLab II EMMA uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to raise the efficiency and efficacy of your assays. Welcome to the next level of automation in laboratory testing!

How does AI work?

The AI will recognize any region of interest in your sample image. You then simply define each agent of interest. You tell the software whether a contaminant is anything from an air bubble to a bacterial colony. Or better yet, you tell it which specific type or subtype of colony it is.

From your input, the AI creates a library of images for each type of agent you define. And it’s quite an extensive library. Computer vision models are only as good as the data you provide them. An essential part of providing good data is providing good labels. 

The assessment and data collection steps in AI workflow are done together, so the number of images per class required for a proper AI training are customized and personalized due to their results.

Features of AI

AI may be beneficial for laboratory testing processes in different ways as it:


  • allows a high tolerance of variation in image
  • can be “teached” with new images (continuous learning and improvement of results)
  • can cover and secure the knowledge of lab technician expert

AI development journey

Microtechnix experts do the work for you !

AI method development is a end-to-end process requiring several steps :

  • Assessment : objectives definition & related data required
  • Data collection : Petri Dishes pictures acquisition to generate the “Data Set
  • Data Labeling : our experts performs labeling or customers supply labeled data
  • AI training : algorithms & mathematical computing on your labelled data to define the best AI model
  • Validation : confirm AI method algorithm meet the initial objectives
  • Delivery : AI method installed on your MacroLab EMMA for routine analysis


Click here for more detail on AI development process


You already have an existing validated “AI method” !!! – This “AI method” can easily be integrated to MacroLab EMMA application !!

Assessment & Data collection

These steps in the overall AI work process imply collection of the data, analysis and assessment. 

The following agents can be detected :

  • Colonies frequently observed
  • Rare case of colonies
  • Negative plates (no colony)
  • Defect case (crack, injection point, etc.)


The more representative dataset is, the higher is detection model performing. This ensures the better quality of the AI as dataset is always as representative as possible to the reality.

Data Labeling

Performing the following step may be conducted in two ways, namely:

  • engagement of our internal experts who assist you in collecting and labeling data;
  • identification of your labeled data.


Group(s) of objects to be detected are called class(es) and classified to their nature.


The AI compares future agents of interest with library images. If it achieves a certain degree of consistency in the images, it is able to accurately classify a new agent without any further input from you.

AI training

In order to perfectly conduct AI training you always need three main ingredients: high-quality data, accurate data annotation and experimentation.


MTX software combines above-mentioned components with experience in AI training with the right IT structure.

AI Validation

Microtechnix frameworks support the validation of AI due to our expertise in different domains such as Healthcare, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Automotive (according to Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). This provides you with solid, robust and validated results.

AI delivery

All the specifications defined during assessment phase are necessary for the further delivery of the AI.


Our software gives the opportunity to integrate the AI in the automation process according to ALCOA principles. 


However, the process isn’t limited only to specific evaluation. It’s worth to mention that AI method is installed on your MacroLab EMMA for routine analysis as well.

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