Imaging systems

EMMA RL | automate & digitize microbial QC

EMMA-RL digitizes and automates your Microbiological Environmental Monitoring.

The (patent-pending) optical system captures ultra-precise images and uses artificial intelligence to analyze your samples. Perfect for environmental monitoring assays. This unique optical acquisition system allows to acquire high resolution image of 100% of the plate surface, including the wall (meniscus) of the Petri dish. This allows to detect any colony on the Petri Dishes, ensuring zero false negatives.

EMMA-RL is a fully integrated and automated system: including camera, barcode reader, computer & robot:

  • Image acquisition of 100% of the surface while the lid is on the Petri dish to avoid contamination
  • Compatible with Petri Dishes from every supplier: Ø 55mm – Ø 90mm, both locking & standard lid.
  • Compatible with all types of media (TSA, brown, red,…)
  • Integrated 2D barcode reader to automatically identify the Petri dish in the scanner
  • Focus on Data integrity to ensure error-proof sample identification and audit trail (21 CFR part 11 compliant)
  • Reporting tools and possibility to connect to LIMS (Novatek, MODA-EM, Sherpa Pharma,…)
  • Automated loading, imaging and analysis of up to 100 Petri dishes.
  • AI-models available as powerful upgrade to further automate your analysis


Environmental Monitoring in GMP facilities

EMMA is revolutionizing the world of environmental monitoring. EMMA utilises a unique, patent-pending optical system to generate images of petri dishes that cover 100% of the surface whilst keeping the lid on. In combination with powerful artificial intelligence software enabling automated detection of positive and negative Petri dishes, CFU counting and a software platform that is CFR21 part 11 compliant, EMMA is ready to take your data integrity to a higher level and optimise your workflow.

The optical system

MicroTechniX developed an entirely new optical system for EMMA ensuring the walls of a Petri dish can be imaged with the lid on. A high-resolution camera in combination with an application specific lens allows to image 100% of the Petri dish surface, including the walls, whilst keeping the lid on. This approach allows to generate high quality images for downstream analysis by AI or an operator.

Calibration and consistency

The calibration parameters you employ are saved in a digital file that’s valid for your system and any other Microtechnix imaging device, anywhere in the world. Just send the digital file to another lab for complete consistency and a simple, smooth assay validation. Microtechnix calibration methodology of imaging systems ensures reproducibility and repeatability of the result between systems. Consistency is then over time, between labs and operators. Combined with analysis powered by artificial intelligence, EMMA ensures a reproducible and consistent reading of Petri dishes avoiding false negatives in Environmental Monitoring.

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    EMMA | digitize microbial QC

    Imaging systems

    Imaging systems

    EMMA RL | automate & digitize microbial QC

    Imaging systems

    Imaging systems

    EMMA HT | high throughput automation & digitization

    Imaging systems

    Imaging systems

    Environmental Monitoring



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Microtechnix EMMA digital brochure

language english

type application

size 2 MB


Sample capacity

Up to 200 Petri dishes


Up to 2 Petri dishes per minute

  • 5 megapixel camera to acquire high resolution images
  • Image format 2048 x 2448 and pixel size =3.5 x 3.5µm

Microtechnix patent-pending lens

Footprint(W x D x H)

50 x 50 x 42 mm


27 kg


22-inch touch screen

Operating system

Windows 10


EMdi software suite

Data format

.csv, .xls, .pdf, .mp4 video, .jpeg, .png, .bmp


21 CFR Part 11; “ALCOA+” principle for Data Integrity

Voltage and frequency


Operating temperature

+6°C to +35°C

Max operating humidity

75% at 30°C


Base plate & holder with a load capacity up to 25 Petri dishes


1 year warranty


Imaging applications and automation

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MacroLab II – EMMA

Imaging systems

EMMA HT | high throughput automation & digitization

Imaging systems

EMMA | digitize microbial QC

Imaging systems

Picture perfect

Our high-quality pictures allow you to analyze your acquired images with greater accuracy than ever before. In-house developed AI-models allow to further increase reproducibility and automate your analysis pipeline.

Evaluate the high-quality images by yourself